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About us

Mabat is an Israeli non-profit organization working for social change by increasing multi-cultural awareness in Israel. The organization was established in 2008, by young professionals and educators that were concerned about the deep divides existing between different sectors of the population in Israel, conflicts that have the potential to escalate and result in alienation and violence.

Our main goals

To develop multi-cultural awareness   - counteracting prejudice, racism, and sexism within Israeli society
To create real personal change based on contact, and joint experiences between those of different and varied backgrounds
To provide the skills and the tools needed for conflict resolution and living in a multi-cultural society

Social change begins with personal change. Multi-cultural awareness may be achieved by reinforcement of cultural identities, contact between different cultures and ethnic /religious groups, and understanding and acceptance of the other. We believe that despite the many cross-cultural conflicts and divisions in Israeli society, it IS possible to mitigate conflicts and establish a sense of social awareness among students and young adults from diverse backgrounds - whether they are Arabs or Jews, religious or secular, new immigrants or native born, Israelis - thereby promoting tolerance, dispelling stereotypes and building a common civic identity. We believe that these  goals can be best achieved through positive meaningful interpersonal meetings and joint experiential learning.

What we do

Over the past eight years, Mabat has successfully developed and implemented experiential learning programs promoting diversity and multi-cultural awareness, for hundreds of motivated participants, representing a wide cross section of Israeli society.
Our program is based on a sequence of meaningful meetings between participants from diverse social backgrounds and experiential learning through joint group activities.  During a series of dynamic sessions, participants embark on a personal and group process consisting of facilitated introductions, trust-building activities, and identity exploration, of one’s self and of the other, as well as analysis of multicultural issues and how to deal with them. We provide a range of exciting workshops (outdoor education, photography, music and more).  Assessments reveal significant impact  - both on the individual level and in the multicultural dialogue on campuses and in the community at large.
Diversity as an Opportunity: We aim to turn cultural difference and variety into a social and group resource leading to further learning, creation and joint action, including cultural events and projects serving the community.
Who we serve

Our target population initially concentrated on University and College students  - young leaders that can potentially bring about significant change in Israeli society. To date, more than 650 participants in approximately 45 groups have benefited from Mabat programs, at Universities and academic institutions throughout Israel. We are currently expanding our target audiences and programs to include community activists, as well as business and governmental sectors that seek to tackle multicultural challenges in their organizations.
Mabat is a registered Israeli non-profit association and operates with the support of the US Meijers foundation; and in cooperation with social organizations and academic institutes.
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Jezreel Valley Academic College

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Academic College Kinneret in the Jordan Valley

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Mabat - Awareness in Multicultural Society
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